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"Let's Bind with an Investing Bond"

Welcome! We thank you for spending your precious moments and appreciate your keen interest in browsing us! We reaped ourselves in the form of a bud on 5th May, 1995 as "Bahuchar Investments" and grew as a plant on 2nd June, 2008 to be renamed as "Bahuchar Stocks Services Private Limited". Subsequently, by dint of hard work, our reaped soil harvested us an Asset Under Management (AUM) growth of 100 crore plus by the end of 2018 and we have been already growing into leaps and bounds to form a huge tree in our proud "Banyan City" with an expected 200 crore plus by the end of 2019.


We often love to meme an old Welsh proverb "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Likewise, we believe that "A right investment a day keeps your losses away".

Apples reduce the risk of developing a heart disease. So, we have kept our logo as an "Appled Heart" because we believe that by "inserting" an apple into our hearts, we not only love to serve our clients but we also assure them of best financial protection.

Apples also reduce the risk of developing ailments like cancer, diabetes and hypertension. So, we guide our clients what should be "filtered" and hence we suggest best plans and schemes so that their money doesn't procure any "tumour" in its "malignant" growth and get "cancelled" like "cancer". Diabetes is caused by high blood sugar levels and so we very estimate "sugar levels" of plans and see that the "level" is neutralized towards a safe investment. Hypertension is caused by chronic high blood pressure and we ensure that we "bear" the pressure risk to "zero" so that the blood is ready to play the "bull" to earn high rewards.

In short, "Appled" is an adjective we use for our "Heart" — the financial storehouse of information where all our prestigious clients "invest" with a "lovely smile" because they know that "Our Appled Heart will keep all their investments "Safe and Sound" inasmuch as "An apple a day keeps the doctor away".


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Chartered Financial Goal Planner

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Advance Financial Goal Planner

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